Sanus Adjustable Height Speaker Stands-An In depth Review

Sanus Adjustable Height Speaker Stands Review
Sanus Adjustable Height Speaker Stands

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Hope all you are in well. Today I have come with a very special review about Sanus adjustable height speaker stand. It is one of my favorite sanus speaker stands I have used ever. As I use it before, I think about to write quality a review. Although, there are several reviews of Sanus adjustable height speaker stand are available on the web. But, most of them are incomplete (as my opinion).

So, I think this review can give you a complete guideline. Thanks, to give me an opportunity to write for them.

What makes Sanus Adjustable Height Speaker Different Than Others?

Well, if you are looking for a durable, perfect and home theater speaker stands, sanus adjustable height speaker stand can be the perfect choice for you. It is a complete, feature-rich, highly adjustable and top-class satellite speaker stands for premium audio owners. Also, it is the best adjustable speaker stands available in the market.

There are several unique features are available in Sanus adjustable height speaker. These features are given below.

Adjustable Height

Adjustable Height
Adjustable Height

The sanus stands come with it’s most notable feature “Adjustable Height”. Which will give to you to adjust the speaker stand height easily. By using this feature, you can use up to 3.5 LBS weight speakers without any hassle. It has also 28inchi to 38inchi height adjustment feature for customized height.

Multiple Mount Adapters

Multiple Mount Adapter
Multiple Mount Adapter

The speaker stands support multiple mount adapters. You can set up any speaker in this speaker stands using L-Shaped Brackets, Keyhole Adapter or even Top Plate. Which helps to fit big to small size Satellite and Bookshelf speakers.

Built-in Wire Channel

Built-In Wire Channel
Built-In Wire Channel

On the other hand, the sanus adjustable height speaker stand has some extra feature in the wiring section. It comes with an integrated wire channel can give you to cover up speaker cables nifty and clean look. You can easily manage your speaker wires without hassle.

Premium Materials

The speaker stand built with high-quality heavy gauge steel with an offset pillar. Which will give you 3 hidden features. What are those?
1. As it is made with metal, it will be last longer than wooden speaker stands.
2. The Gauge Steel will absorb unwanted vibration and noise caused by the Speaker.
3. You can use the speaker stands as a furniture of your room.

Compatible With Any Speaker

The best adjustable speaker stands are compatible with any speaker. Including Harmon Kardon, JBL Bose, Polk, Klipsch, Sony, KEF and more.

Questions and Answers

Does the speaker stands support Vizio surround speaker?
Yes. You just need to use the L-Shaped Brackets
Does the speaker stands support up to 30 pounds?
Yes. Definitely
Does the base plate rests on the floor?
Yes. Definitely

What Will You Get In The Box?

1. Lower Pillars (2 Pcs.)
2. Upper Pillars (2 Pcs.)
3. Bases (2 Pcs.)
4. Top Plates (2 Pcs.)
5. Speaker Pads (2 Pcs.)
6. Keyhole Speaker Brackets (2 Pcs.)
7. L-Shape Speaker Brackets (2 Pcs.)
8. Speaker Brackets Knobs (2 Pcs.)
9. Speaker Brackets Screws-Flat head Mini (2 Pcs.)
10. Speaker Brackets Screws-Round Head Mini (4 Pcs.)
11. Speaker Brackets Screws-Round Head Big (4 Pcs.)
12. Keyhole Speaker Screws (2 Pcs.)
13. Base Pads (20 Pcs.)

Final Words

In my opinion, the sanus adjustable height speaker stand is one of the best speaker stands that available in the market. I think this review will help you to understand the speaker stands features thoroughly. If you have more questions or if you have any opinion about the review, just leave me a comment in the comment box. I will reply you as soon as possible.

Sanus Adjustable Height Speaker Stand Summary


Brand: SANUS


Model: Sanus (HTBS)


Weight: 10.3 Pounds


Dimension: 28 x 9.9 x 7.8 inches


Material: Offset Steel



  • Height Can Be Easily Adjustable
  • Integrated Cable Channel, Rubber Feet and Speaker Spikes
  • Made with Premium Material (Gauge Steel With Offset Pillar)
  • Noise and Vibration Absorbing Feature
  • Bookshelf and Surround Speaker Supported


  • Not Made of Wood

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