[Ultimate Review] BOSS Audio MRWT69 Car Speaker

BOSS Audio MRWT69 Car Speakers
BOSS Audio MRWT69 Car Speakers

The BOSS Audio MRWT69 is a fantastic 4-way speaker that has been designed to custom fit wakeboard towers. It is common knowledge that boat engines are loud, and the combination of your engine plus any skis or wakeboards that are in operation will completely drown out all the music you are playing. It is with this in mind that the MRWT69 was designed, in order to keep your party alive when you are on your boat.

BOSS Audio MRWT69 Car Speakers Specification

Specification Type Value
Basic Specification
Total Power 550 Watt
Impedance 4 Ohms
Frequency 40 Hz to 20 Hz
Base Material Plastic
Surround Material Rubber
Cone Material Poly Injection
Voice Coil Material Aluminum
Midrange Size: 2.5"; Material: Mylar Cone
Tweeter 01 Size: 1"; Material: Mylar Dome
Tweeter 02 Size: 1"; Material: Mylar Dome

Powerful Audio Output

Powerful Audio Output
Powerful Audio Output

The BOSS Audio MRWT69 boasts of an excellent audio output, especially when compared to other speakers in its price range. This fantastic output is facilitated by several aspects, including the 6 inches by the 9-inch woofer. The speaker houses an 80 oz magnet structure that produces a strong standing magnetic field, which works in juncture with the 1.5-inch aluminum voice coil.

Furthermore, there is a dual 1-inch advanced technology mylar dome tweeter, which allows for greater sound modification and channel handling. This, in turn, produces clear highs with little distortion. The speaker system also comes with 550W optimum power handling, 95 dB sensitivity, 4 ohms of impedance and 40Hz-20 kHz of frequency range.

Excellent Interior Speaker Construction

Excellent Interior Speaker Construction
Excellent Interior Speaker Construction

The speaker drivers of the MRWT69 are composed of top grade materials that are not susceptible to the elements. To begin with, we have low density, high-temperature aluminum voice coils, which are corrosion resistant as well as difficult to ignite.

Additionally, the magnet structure and voice coil are separated by magnetic ferrofluid, which conducts heat away from the coil in an effort to prevent the coil from damage even when the speaker is taking in a great amount of power.

Though the speaker is not waterproof, some of its parts like the surround and spider are completely marinized. The surrounds contain weather resistant butyl rubber, while the other components are coated with a special substance that protects them from the corrosion that comes about from exposure to salty and humid conditions.

Metallic Injection Cone Materials

Metallic Injection Cone Materials
Metallic Injection Cone Materials

The cone of the MRWT69 is made up of Polyurethane, which is a durable, flexible and resilient polymer. The unparalleled flexibility that is associated with this speaker ensures that you will enjoy great sound for a long time. Additionally, the resilient cone does not come apart when met by successive and recurrent frequency changes.

Pros And Cons of BOSS Audio MRWT69 Car Speakers

  • The MRWT69 comes in both black and white, giving you the opportunity to select a color that meets your preferences.
  • A black and silver cover made of durable metal protects your speaker’s enclosures from destructive wind and surf.
  • There are inbuilt speaker mounts that make installing your speaker hassle free.
  • The MRWT69 is not only relegated to boat use, but it can also be placed on the roll bar/cage of your car (jeep) or truck.
  • The speaker’s outer shell contains a UV coating, which protects it from the harmful effects wrought by the sun. This preserves the material integrity of your speakers while keeping its appearance brand new.
  • Just like all speakers, the MRWT69 has a few drawbacks. Firstly, the 12 inch by 9 inches by the 9.5-inch speaker that weighs 10lbs is a bit too big. It is important to remember that the woofer is the element that has the 6 inches by 9-inch dimension, while the bracket that mounts the speaker is much larger. However, the mounting hardware is solid and can be adjusted to secure your speaker.
  • BOSS has advertised 550W total power, the speaker does not reach this peak level of power. However, if you connect the speaker to quality amps, the sound output is extremely impressive.

Final Words

After looking at all aspects of the MRWT69, we can determine that the speaker’s numerous benefits outstrip its minor drawbacks. The outstanding price, great sound quality and heavy-duty build of the speaker makes it an excellent choice for everyone with a boat, jeep or truck.

So if you are looking for an uninterrupted party with affordable and durable speakers, get the BOSS Audio MRWT69 today!

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